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» HR, training
09.2016 - 11.2017
MsC Chemistry
University of Manchester, UK
A qualified and enthusiastic MsC Chemistry graduate with sound knowledge of classroom and laboratory environment and genuine interest in the changing of students’ lives for better. Detailed knowledge of the latest educational technologies and of key teaching methodologies. Possess sound practical experience laboratory equipment such as GC-Mass Spec, Centrifuge, Rotavap, H-NMR, C-13 NMR, HPLC, IR Spec among others. Now seeking an academic position as a researcher and assistant lecturer in the field of Chemistry to in a reputed University and devote my services for the progress of the institution and its students. Relevant course Modules: • Intergrated Spectroscopy and Separation techniques • Soft matter Chemistry • Inorganic and Organometallics Chemistry • Solid state Chemstry • Core Organic Chemistry • Health and safety in the laboratory • Research and communication skills
Professional experience
Less than 2 years
» Chemistry, petrochemistry, raw materials
Excellent expertise in organic material synthesis, purification and identification: Excellent expertise in bio-catalytic enzyme controlled reactions set up, control, purification and identification of desired products : Experience in natural products isolation and purification : Excellent hands on experience in analysing spectroscopic data using H-NMR, C-13 NMR, 1D, 2D correlation spectroscopy, IR spec, Uv-vis, FTIR, Mass spec, HPLC, Chromatographic techniques among others : Knowledge of computational chemistry, crystallographic interpretation of structures : Hands on experience with common laboratory equipment such as rotatory evaporator, Centrifuge, Sonicator, thermos-shaker : Ability to analyse raw data using various software packages such as mercury for crystallography, ACD/LABS for proton and carbon assignments : Maintain a high level of safety in laboratory
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Place of residence : Kampala
Permanent contract

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